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MakeMKV Alternative: Directly Rip Parts of a Blu-ray Movie to MP4

A bit disappointment of MakeMKV since no right to choose Blu-ray chapter and can not direct output mp4 format? This article solve your problems.

MakeMKV is a software app which shreds the copy protection on a disk, provides you with each file it finds, and when you have made your selection, it makes a nice beautiful MKV file, with perfect picture and sound quality. You can then play it with your favorite media player. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Directly Rip Parts of a Blu-ray Movie to MP4

It’s really Easy-to-use: Choose whether you want subtitles or not. Choose your language. Deselect everything you don’t need. Then let MakeMKV do its work.

NOTE: Don’t touch the other settings unless you absolutely know what you are doing. For Newbie, a litter diffcult. And some other limitation as below:

“Is there a way to select parts of a title before running MakeMKV? I only need bits and parts of my blu rays not the whole film etc… but I can’t see any kind of chapter or timeline option. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered. Any help would be appreciated.”

Indeed, MakeMKV provide no chapter or timeline option, if you really just need rip a part of a blu-ray movie, in editor’s opinion, you can use Windows Movie Maker to cut the extra parts if you work with windows 7.(does not guarantee the ripped MKV compatible with WMM, may be you need a video transcoder to transcode MKV files to WMV for Windows Movie Maker). iMovie should be the relatively tool to cut extra parts for Mac users, It free and powerful.(not guarantee, TOO! available for you: Easily Import MKV to iMovie (iMovie 08/09/11))

“MakeMKV only can output MVK format.When I want MP4, I have to use MakeMKV rip Blu-ray then use Handbrake to convert MKV to MP4. It is a little complex. Is there a way that can directly decrypt Blu-ray to mp4?”

Commercial Blu-ray has copy protection than any other format around, open-source Handbrake doesn’t work for ripping Blu-ray because it can’t handle copy protection. The best way is choosing a Blu-ray tool that can directly rip Blu-ray MP4.

MakeMKV Alternative: Directly Rip Parts of a Blu-ray Movie to MP4

There are so many Blu-ray Ripper on the market, many of them can be rip Blu-ray, but for ripping Blu-ray to MP4 directly with the chapter you want, Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper is one of best I recommended here.

As one of the best MakeMkv alternative, it enables you to remove Blu ray AACS encryption, region codes, BD+ and even any MKB copy protection prefectly. Apart from ripping Blu-ray to MP4, Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper has ability to rip Blu-rays to other common format like MOV, WMV, FLV,ect. And you can select the preset format for your devices like Andorid Phones, Apple devices, Game consoles, NLEs.

Worth to mention here, you can select the chapters you want to rip and cut the chapter you selected with the built-in editor in this program. Bulit-in Editor functions: trim video length, crop video size, adjust video effect, watermark, and merge several videos into one for complete enjoyment etc.

Even if you can select the “3D Video” profile enable the 3D/2D Blu-rays to 3D MP4,3D MKV, 3D WMV, 3D MOV, 3D AVI for watching on your big screen TV if your TV supported 3D outputs.

Guide: Directly Rip Parts of a Blu-ray Movie to MP4

Free download, install and run Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper, the trail-before-purchase quick download icon provide here, you can also turn to Brorsoft page for downloading.

bluray ripper - trial download bluray ripper for Mac - trial download

Keep in mind that you have download the right version, Mac OS .dmg files cannot be installed on Windows platform – and vice versa.

1. Import source Blu-ray/DVD movie.

After downloading and installing this Blu-ray Ripper, click “Load files” icon to import source files. When the whole Blu-ray imported, you can select the chapters you want to rip.

blu-ray ripper

Note: Before loading Blu-ray content, a BD drive is needed and pls keep networked.

2. Choose output format.

After load your Blu-ray, in the dropdown list of Format menu, you can find the format you like. Just below Format is Output, here you can browse your computer for a better destination folder for Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper to output your ripped movies. Here we take “HD High Profile Video (*.mp4)” for example, which is compatiable with almost all meida player and devices.

h.264 mp4

3. Cut the Movie clips you want.

Before conversion, you can edit videos by applying effects, trimming, cropping, adding watermark, adjust brightness and contrast, etc. Trim here, other functions tutorial please turn to Brorsoft Tutorial Page.

Trim: Select video durations by setting the start time and the end time.

cut clips

4. Just start ripping your Blu-ray movies by hitting the ‘Rip’ cion.

After clicking the Rip icon on main interface, then you turn to Conversion window.

You can find conversion information on the window, such as Time elapsed, Time left, Generated size, and Estimated size.

When the conversion finished, you can click Open output folder to popup output directory with the converted files.

You can select “shut down computer after conversion” so that you don’t need to stay with your pc/mac at night.

Note: If you are using a trial version, there will be Brorsoft logo watermark in the middle of output files. To get rid of the logo watermark and get better performance, please Get the Full Version(click “order” button on the trail version splash screen or direct purchase from Brorsoft site).

Last but not least

Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper is not only an Blu-ray Ripper, But also an excellent DVD ripper, in a similar way, you can rip all the DVDs follow the above step-by-step guide.

DVDs are very fast (normally no more than 20 minutes) and Blu-Rays range from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the length of the movie, and the extras you want.

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