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Remove Blu-ray Region-Code for Free Playback with Xbox One S

Overview: In this article, we show you how to remove the region code of Blu-ray and dvd movies for playing on Xbox One S.

This is a huge news for Xbox One S (details) users. Not only does the Xbox One S support 4K video playback from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, it also has a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray built-in. The announced $299/£249 starting price makes it good value compared to dedicated Ultra HD players currently on the market, which at this time cost anywhere from £400 to £650. But unfortunately, Xbox One S also only can play Blu-ray discs that are sold in the same region as the console. You can check the below chart to see whether your Blu-ray disc is supported by your new Xbox One S.

remove region code

In total, there are 3 separate Blu-Ray region codes:

Region Geographic regions/countries
A covers all of North America, South America and South East Asia
B encompasses Europe, Africa, Middle East, French territories and Greenland
C covers the rest of the world including Russia, Asia, and China

If your Blu-ray region code matches your Xbox One S, you only need to set up and install the Blu-ray player app on Xbox One S. After the app is installed, you can watch Blu-ray movies by inserting the disc into your Xbox One S and selecting Blu-ray player on the Home screen of your Xbox One S or finding it under Apps.

BTW: Game discs for the Xbox One console are not coded to regions.

When it Comes to Regoin-Encoded Blu-ray?

When your Blu-ray is regoin-encoded, you can rip Blu-ray to Xbox One S support video formats then stream the media on Xbox One S via USB. Actually, not only Xbox One S, but Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, all of these game consoles have requirement on region codes for Blu-ray disc. Luckily, those game consoles allow user to stream media from USB 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 removable drive. That is to say, It is an easy job to hack Blu-ray to region-free for Xbox One S with the help of Blu-ray Ripping tool. Having studied some online reviews and compared some Blu-ray decrypters, finally, we decided to use Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper to show you the steps to remove region code and convert Blu-ray to ditital format for stearming to Xbox One S via USB or Media Server.

Xbox One S Supported Video and Audio Format/Codec

Audio: 3GP audio, 3GP2, AAC, ADTS, animated GIF, .asf, MP3, TIFF, WAV, WMA, WMA Lossless, WMA Pro, WMA Voice

Video: 3GP video, AVI DivX, DV AVI, AVI uncompressed, AVI Xvid, H.264 AVCHD, M-JPEG, .mkv, .mov, MPEG-PS, MPEG-2 MPEG-2 HD, MPEG-2 TS, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-4 SP, WMV, WMV HD

Why Choose Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper?

Actually, Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper is a Blu-ray Ripper + DVD Ripper cause it can rip both Blu-ray and DVD. It can remove the Region-code of Blu-ray and DVD automaticlly when you import and convert the Blu-ray DVD files to the Program(it is not mean that the region code has been removed when you insert the disc).

Moreover, you can not only backing up Blu-ray and DVD with original video structures, but copy the main title of Blu-ray and DVD discs. Of course, it can make a excellent performance on Blu-ray to Xbox One S conversion.

  • Rip Blu-ray encoded with VC-1 and AVC to Xbox One S.
  •  Decrypt Blu-ray AACS, BD+ up to MKB61.
  • Convert Blu-ray to XviD/DivX AVI, WMV, TS for Xbox One S.
  • In the aspect of video codecs, it gives H.265/AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG- 4 choices.
  • When ripping Blu-ray to Xbox One S, it can keep DTS audio in 5.1/7.1 channel.
  • Batch conversion feature must give you surprise.

It also has the equivalent Mac version – Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac, you can use it to copy Blu-ray and DVD on Mac OS X for Xbox One S. Besides Xbox One S, Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper cna also make copies of Blu-rays and DVD for other game consoles like PS4, PS4 Neo, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii/Wii U.

How to Remove Region Code and Convert Blu-ray for Xbox One S?

Free download, install and run Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper, the trail-before-purchase quick download icon provide here, you can also turn to Brorsoft page for downloading.

bluray ripper - trial download bluray ripper for Mac - trial download

Keep in mind that you have download the right version, Mac OS .dmg files cannot be installed on Windows platform – and vice versa.

Step 1. Click “Load Disc” button to load Blu-ray discs to load your Blu-ray movies. You can also click “IFO/ISO” icon to load your Blu-ray ISO image files.

brorsoft blu-ray ripper

Step 2. Select video format.

Here we select mp4 with H.264 codec for Xbox One S. Click the Format drop-down list, and select “H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)” from “Common Video” or “HD Video” category.


Tips: Xbox One S has updated to support 4K streaming. So if you think the video resolution is low, you can click “Settings” to reset video size, bitrate, frame rate and sample rate. 

Step 3. Copy Blu-ray to Xbox One S

Hit the red “Convert” button on the interface to start copying Blu-ray to H.264 for Xbox One S. When it finishes, click the “Open Output Folder” icon to quick locate the converted video.

Note: Why no “remove region code” step in the guide? Program remove the Region Code automaticlly when the conversion begin.

You have two ways to stream your local media to Xbox One S.

Method 1: Play Blu-ray Rips to Xbox One S via USB

Copy the Blu-ray movie media file to a USB flash drive and plug it into USB port on game console then you can play it on Xbox One S.

Method 2: Stream Blu-ray Rips to Xbox One S from PC

1. Make sure that your PC and Xbox One S are in the same network.

2. In Xbox One S, follow “Settings” > “Preferences” and make sure “Allow Play To streaming” is ticked.

3. Select the media on your PC and right click it to select “Play To” option.

4. A dropdown menu will appear showing you a list of devices detected in your network.

5. Choose Xbox One S, and the stream will begin, and then start playing movie with Xbox One S.

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